Anxious Hunter - South Georgia Coyote Hunters


Yes, E-Scouting!   You will be surprised at how much information you can gather about your favorite hunting area from the internet.  Your computer will do much more than facebook, minesweeper, and mahjong.,


The United States Geological Survey is the sole science agency for the Department of the Interior, and it has enormous amounts of information for coyote hunters.   You can track river levels, view topographical maps, and stay ahead of seasonal game movement.


If you are traveling and see a coyote cross the roadway, if you will pay attention to the area.. you can find out who owns the land from your computer.   Open your browser and search for GEORGIA TAX ASSESSOR.  You can narrow down the search by county, then you can search by map.   Eventually it boils down to an owner’s name and contact address.  You never know, a polite letter could open the door to some great hunting.

Google Earth

You can type in a nearby intersection, follow the road to the property, then look for color differences that mark wetlands, hardwood areas, pines, and natural boundaries.  GPS coordinates speed up this tremendously.   You can get the coordinates online if you do not have a GPS unit.


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