Anxious Hunter - South Georgia Coyote Hunters

Coyote Pictures

The following pictures are posted for educational purposes.  If you are easily offended, feel free to leave now.   Try NAMBY PAMBY LAND!

Young Male Coyote

Do you remember reading about the pair of coyotes that were running through a river swamp?   The male coyote took a dirt nap after experiencing a lethal injection of hot lead

Young Male Coyote from Georgia

Closeup of young male coyote from Georgia

Front facial view of Coyote from Georgia

Young Female Coyote

The following coyote was seen hunting field mice at night.  She pounced on a mouse just before the hot lead gave her a complimentary dirt nap.  The coyote was put in my wife’s freezer so that the pictures could be taken in daylight.  She a good sport! 

Sloping head of female coyote from Georgia

Back legs of female coyote from Georgia

Front legs of female coyote from Georgia

Closeup of female coyote from Georgia

Personal Observations

The coyotes were healthy, without mange, had huge canine teeth, and owned a stench that has to be experienced before a full understanding can occur..

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